A beautiful apartment in the Spanish Pyrenees

Qasr Muns
very quiet and just outside of the village, available for 2 (+1) persons.

Qasr Muns in spring
The view in spring is breathtaking. The hill (Cerro Calvario) is the spot where once Castle Qasr Muns stood. This photo was made in Februari.

termas labitolosa

An aerial view of "Labitolosa" a big Roman excavation site at the foot of the hill "Cerro Calvario". Labitolosa was a Roman city from the first till the third century A.D. The excavations are still continuing and up till now only a small part has been uncovered.

Romeinse helm gestileerd Moorse Pot 3

Drawing of a
Roman helmet and a photo of the Moor cooking jar which we excavated during the construction of our terras in our garden. The jar meanwhile is being preserved in the Museum of Huesca and it has been estimated that its age is about 1100 years.